How to review your script

When it comes to reviewing your call script and FAQs, sometimes it's helpful to see things the same way a Specialty Answering Service agent would. Viewing it as if you are an agent will give you a better idea of how the call will flow from one question to the next and help you pinpoint areas that may need editing.

In this article we'll discuss:

  • Navigate your script: You'll go from the main Calls screen to the appropriate script where you'll see your call script and navigate through it.
  • View your FAQs: From the View your call script pop-up, you can verify how your FAQs look.

In addition to reviewing the script for call flow, seeing the script in the operator's view is a quick way to verify any changes you or our programming team made to your account.

Click the  Scripts  link from the navigation menu on the left. This will take you to a screen showing all of your Active scripts.

Click on the script   Name that you would like to review.

On the next screen, you'll see your FAQs, Objections and Agent Alerts. To open the script, click the  See your script button in the upper right corner.

The script will open in a pop-up similar to the one below. This is what an answering service operator sees when they receive a call on your account.

Your call script is basically a multi-page web form. To navigate it, you'll need to choose values and complete text fields:
  • If you encounter a drop down: Choose a value and click the blue arrow next button before proceeding. All drop down options are required before you can click Next.
  • If you encounter a red * next to an input box: This means the field is required. You'll need to enter some data before clicking the Next button.

Subsequent pages will show each question the operators will be asking your callers. Questions may vary depending on which script path you follow. To check multiple paths, click the blue  Home link at the top of the left navigation in the pop-up. This will take you back to the Greeting screen.

When you get to the end of a script path, you'll be presented with a screen that will look like the one below. If you wanted to test how messages are being sent, click  Save Call. Otherwise, you can just close the pop-up.

View your FAQs

Seeing your FAQs as the call center agents see them is helpful so that you can read through the answers you included and think about how they might sound to a caller.
With the call script open, FAQs will be visible under the script. 

We encourage you to read through your FAQs carefully to ensure that the content is accurate and arranged in the easiest way possible for the operators. Remember, the more questions you have, the more complicated it will be for the operators to navigate. For lengthy FAQs, it may be a good idea to create sections that will keep things organized.

If you'd like to update your FAQs, visit this tutorial for step-by-step instructions!

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