Requiring Script Steps

The SAS Call Script Builder gives you full control over how our operators navigate your script. For most steps you create, you will see an option to make it required, meaning that agents will not be able to navigate past this question without input from the caller.

Require Script Steps

If you absolutely need information for specific fields, you will want to make the script step required. When this is turned on, operators will not be able to continue the call unless the caller provides them with the requested information. This is useful if you require an email or a telephone number for each call we handle.

If the caller is unable or unwilling to provide the information, the operator will not be able to move past that point in your script and they will end the call. In your call log, these calls will be listed as 'Refused Information'. To require a script step:

1. Within your Script Step, expand the drop down next to Validation and choose Required

When you are finished, click the blue Check Mark, then click Publish Changes.

2. Once you've changed a field to required, you'll see a red asterisk ( *) in your call script next to the script step on the left side. In the example below, the script step FirstNameSpecificPerson has a red * to the right.

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