I forgot my SAS Flex Call Forwarding number

In order for SAS to answer your business’s phone lines, we provide each customer with their own phone number, commonly referred to as a “forwarding number.” Most people choose to forward their business lines to this number, although you can also advertise it to have your customers call it directly. You can also use your forward number to provide account verification when calling in to our Customer Service department.

For more information on how to forward and un-forward your phones, visit this article and scroll down to find your provider's instructions.

How to find my call forwarding number

If you forgot your call forwarding number, you can easily find it right in your portal. Here’s how:

Within SAS Flex, go to your User icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings.

On the main Settings page, scroll down to the Telephony section and select Numbers

Depending on how many active scripts you have with SAS, all of your numbers will be listed here next to the associated script.

If you would like to add or change your SAS forwarding number, please reach out to customer support via telephone at 866-688-8912 or through email at service@specialtyansweringservice.net.

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