Personalizing your SAS Flex Script Workflow

Our programmers have standard responses for many of the questions operators ask your customers during a phone call. However, in order to maintain the same personal touch a caller would receive had they reached you directly, it is important to help us fine-tune your script to include the specific nuances that represent your company.

Programming should focus on making the operator’s responses sound much like natural conversation, and not overly robotic. Following are a few examples of common phrases you might see in your script. All phrases along with everything in your script can be modified and personalized to meet your needs.


  • Thank you for calling {{business_name}}. This is {{agent_name}}. How may I help you today?
  • Thank you for calling {{business_name}}. Are you calling to schedule an appointment?
  • Thank you for calling {{business_name}}. Is this an emergency?


  • I can certainly help you with that. I just need to take down some basic information to better assist you. May I please have your first name?
  • I'd be happy to help you with that. I just need to take down a few details from you if that's okay.
  • I am sorry, unfortunately I do not have that information available, but I would like to put you in touch with someone who can better assist you. May I please have your first name?


  • I can transfer you to someone right away. May I place you on a brief hold?
  • No problem. Let me see if they are available. Would you mind holding for a moment?
  • One moment please while I transfer you.


  • May I ask what your call is regarding?
  • What message would you like me to pass along?
  • Can you briefly describe the issue you're experiencing?


  • Thank you for calling, {{first_name}}. I will pass your information along and someone will be in touch with you soon. Have a wonderful day!
  • Okay, {{first_name}}. Let me send this message over to them and request a callback for you. Thank you for choosing {{business_name}}, and enjoy your day!
  • I apologize, {{first_name}}. They are not available at the moment, but I will send your information along and have your call returned. Thank you again for calling!


  • I am sorry, it is currently after hours, but I can take down your information and let them know you called. May I please have your first name?
  • The office is closed at the moment, but let me send a message over for you. What is your first name?
  • I apologize, you've reached us after-hours. We ask that you please call back tomorrow between the hours of 9am and 5pm Mountain time. Thank you for calling!

Once your account is programmed, you will be able to view your call script by logging in to your secure web portal and clicking Scripts under the Builder icon on the left-side menu.

We encourage you to review it carefully and think about how the language would sound to a caller. Does it sound personal, impersonal, too professional, natural, etc.? Does it seem like anything is missing in terms of potential questions/answers or paths for the operators to follow?

After reviewing your script, if you find that changes are necessary, you can make those changes using the instructions within our help desk. If you are not comfortable making changes on your own, contact our Customer Service department. We can make adjustments for you or walk you through how to make those changes yourself!

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