Customizing your SAS Flex Call Script using formatting features

All call scripts are shown in standard black text. Anything displayed in black is text that the operators will read to your callers. Sometimes, it is necessary to provide brief instructions for the operators by highlighting certain text in a different color or style. They will read different colored text to themselves, but not to the caller. Colored or stylized text is created internally using Coding. However, for your purposes, it’s as easy as selecting the color or style you want to use and typing your message accordingly.

Coding makes things stand out for the operators. For example, we might want the pronunciation of a difficult company name to appear in red text. A specific instruction for the operators such as “refer callers to website” might be shown as bold or italic. Below is a list of common formatting features that can be used throughout your script and where to find them.

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Color
  • Numbered list
  • Bulleted list

Within most script blocks, you will find a field to input operator text. This is also where you’ll find the various formatting features listed above. Simply click on the feature you want to implement, and start typing your note.

Within the script, operators are referred to as CSRs (Customer Service Representatives). If you are including a specific instruction for the operators, it should generally begin with CSR:

To change the text color, select the color prior to typing. Or highlight the text that you want to change, and click on the desired color.

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