Creating and editing SAS Flex On-Call Groups

On-call groups are a great way to quickly populate a schedule without having to enter individual employees each time you need to make updates. Groups are easy to create and even easier to use! If you're adding an on-call schedule, you'll be required to create a Default Group, which will be used in the event your schedule expires. 

In this article we'll discuss:

Creating On-Call Groups

Within SAS Flex, select the  On-Call tab on the left navigation panel. 

Then, click on the  Groups tab along the top navigation panel.

Click the Add Group button as shown below.


In the pop-up window that appears on your page, you'll need to fill out some fields. First, we'll look at the fields to fill out under the General tab.

  • Name: Give your group a name. For example, "Weekend On-Call."
  • Description: The description can be the same as the Name, or you can include a slightly more detailed description. For example, "Weekend On-Call - Natasha, John, Joe."
  • Label Color: If you'd like to color-code your group, select an option from the dropdown list. Color defaults to "Tomato."

Now, let's select our Group Type; Reach, Warm Transfer or Cold Transfer. Depending on what Type you choose, you'll need to fill out some subsequent details. For more information on the function and limitations of each type, visit this article.

Once you choose your type, you'll need to add your staff members, or Profiles. Click Add Staff to begin adding your staff. If you haven't already, check out this article on how to add Profiles

When you are done, click Save.  

How to add Groups to your On-Call Schedule

Now that you've created your on-call Groups, you can begin using them to build out your on-call schedules! 

Open the schedule you wish to add your newly created Group to. 

Click directly on the day(s) you want to edit, or click  Add Rotation in the upper right corner.

Navigate to the Add Staff section. Select your Group from the dropdown. Once selected, the group will automatically populate.

Continue editing your schedule as necessary, then click Save
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