Functions of the Advanced On-Call Calendar

There are several things that you can do from the full calendar view of your advanced on-call schedule. 

In this article we'll discuss:

To navigate the calendar, click the arrows on either side of the month and year. The arrow on the right will advance forward, and the left arrow will move backward.

Export, Settings, Email and Print

The Export, Email and Print functions can be found in the upper right corner of the calendar view when you click the 3-dot menu icon.

Exporting a Schedule

Click the Export button and select either your Standard or Override (updated) schedule.

Once selected, a .CSV file will automatically download. Depending on how your schedule is set up, your downloaded document will look something like this:

Adjusting Settings

Click the Settings button to adjust the schedule's Name, Time zone, and Start / Stop time (if your schedule is Standard). Or select a new Reach Message, if applicable. Then click Save.

Emailing a Schedule

If you would like to email the on-call schedule to your staff members, click the Email schedule button. 
In the pop-up window, enter each employee's email address separated by a comma, as well as any notes you wish to add. Then click Send.

Printing a Schedule

Click the Print button, and a printer-friendly version of your schedule will open for the month you are viewing.

Clearing a Schedule

You can clear sections of your calendar by using the Clear Month and Clear All options within the 3-dot icon menu.

Clear Month

This will delete the specific calendar month that you're viewing. If you are sure you want to make this change, click the blue  OK button when you see the pop-up below.

Clear All

This will delete all existing schedule information. If you are sure you want to make this change, click the blue OK button when you see the pop-up below.

Editing a Specific Date

The full calendar view enables you to edit your on-call schedule for a specific date. Just click on the date you'd like to edit, and you'll see a pop-up appear on your page. Click the Gear iconand you will be brought to the advanced settings page.

Switching, Editing or Adding a Reach Message

If you're using an advanced Reach schedule, you can switch to a different reach message, edit the format of an existing message, or add a new message directly from the full calendar view.


To switch to a different message, simply click on another option from the dropdown list.


To edit an existing message, click the 3-dot icon menu to the right of the Message name. Then, select Edit reach message to edit accordingly. 


To add a new reach message, click the 3-dot icon menu to the right of the Message name. Then, select Add new reach message to edit accordingly. 

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