Adding a Warm Transfer Step to Your Script

Create a seamless customer service experience by building transfer options into your script. Having our operators transfer calls to you allows you to screen calls, while still maintaining professionalism with a live agent as your front-end receptionist.

During a Warm Transfer, the CSR will place the caller on hold before testing the line to see if someone is available. The operator can then provide the contact person with the caller's details, and transfer the caller through. If no one is available, the operator can go back to the caller and gather information for a call back. For instructions on how to build a Cold Transfer, check out this article.

Hard-Coded Warm Transfer

To add a hard-coded Warm Transfer, open your Call Script and locate the Call Path and you wish to add the transfer to and go to the Script Step you want to precede the transfer. In that script step, select  New Logic from the Next menu and click the Checkmark.

Click the Message icon to begin programming the transfer step.

Select  Warm Transfer as the Logic Type and click the checkmark.

Now that you’ve created the WT shell, which includes  Closed (aka After Hours), Answered and No Answer, add the Transfer number, and build out each logic option.

When entering transfer numbers, use 10-digit format (e.g., 2155551212). If no number is entered, agents will not be able to warm transfer calls.

Assign the  Profile, if necessary. Then, complete the Next step for Closed, Answered and No Answer.

When entering a message, Closed will be automatically selected based on the Profile business hours assigned to the specific path at an earlier point in the script. If no Profile has been selected, the script will default to the Non-Message Calls Profile.

 Build out each step completely.

Be sure to include any special instructions for the operators using basic Coding. For example, if we want the operator’s text to look like this:

We would enter:

I apologize, {{FirstName}}, but it is currently after hours. What is the best time of day for someone to reach you?</br> <span style='color:red'>(e.g., Morning, Afternoon, Evening)</span>

Ensure that Closed, Answered and No Answer paths have an associated Outcome (aka Closing step).

If you would like to include a second Warm Transfer after the initial No Answer, follow the same steps outlined above for adding a New Logic. Notice that we have Closed and Answered listed with Outcomes, but No Answer continues on to another step.

Profile-Assigned Warm Transfer

To add a Warm Transfer that will pull the transfer number from a Profile, first, you will need to assign a Profile to the Logic step before the Warm Transfer step. Select a Profile from the dropdown, and click the checkmark.

Continue building your script steps. Once you reach the Warm Transfer, instead of typing the transfer number directly into the Transfer box, type {{Profile.PhoneNumber}}. This adds a function that will automatically pull the number from the Profile that you assigned in the previous Logic step.

Finish building your script, and don't forget to click Publish Changes when you reach the end!

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