Adding a Business Hours Step in Your Script

If you would like your calls handled differently during your regular business hours, your account will be programmed with a Business Hours step, allowing separate action for calls that come in during business hours vs. after hours. Often when this option is programmed, the client would like to have calls transferred to them during business hours, whereas after hours, or on days when the business is closed, a message may be taken. There may be alternate personnel to contact at different times of day. In addition, this may be used to reach certain on-call staff for service or emergent issues after hours.

Business Hours steps can be added at any point in the script. To add a Business Hours step after CallReason, select  New Logic from the Next menu, and be sure to select a Profile, which will provide the business hours to govern our logic step. Then, click the Checkmark.

Select the path from the greeting step dropdown menu, and click the forward arrow.

If you are adding the Business Hours step further into the script, the business hours governing the logic step will be determined by the Profile that you selected at the CallReason step or at a logic step that precedes the Business Hours step. In the example below, the Profile selected under the Sales option will govern the subsequent Business Hours step.

Click the Message icon to begin programming the Business Hours step.

Select  Business Hours as the Logic Type and click the Checkmark.

The Business Hours default options are  Open and Closed. You will need to build out each option.

If messages are going to the same place regardless of time of day, the Profile selected prior to adding the Business Hours step will govern message delivery. If not, select a  Profile for Open and Closed.

If you have already built out a path that you will be using for each logic option, select the numbered step from the Next menu. If not, set  New Input as the Next step for both. Then, click the Checkmark to continue.

From the Business Hours dropdown, select  Open, and click the forward arrow.

Build out each  New Input that follows the Open path.

Once that path is built, click the backward arrow and return to the Business Hours step to build out the  Closed path.

After you’ve built out all steps and reached the  Closing, don’t forget to click Publish Changes.

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