How to add a Web Pop to your script

Add a step in your script to connect our call center agents with your content on the web. With a Web Pop, agents can access hosted forms, e-commerce websites, on-call and patch schedules, and any other external data.

To add a Web Pop step, select New Logic from the Next menu and click the Checkmark.

Click the Message icon to begin programming the Web Pop step.

Select Fetch URL as the Logic Type and click the Checkmark.

Now, build out your Web Pop Logic Options by clicking the blue + sign below Text.

Enter the option name under Text, select the Profile, if necessary, and select the Next step.

Add the operator’s Text (including Web Pop instructions) and the Web Pop URL. Click the Checkmark and continue building the Web Pop results.

Keep in mind that Web Pop instructions will need to be entered using proper Coding.

If we want the instructions to look like this:

We’ll use the following coding:

</br></br><span style='color:red'>******INSTRUCTIONS BELOW******</span><br /><br />One moment please.<br /><br /><span style='color:green'>INSTRUCTIONS:</span> </br></br><span style='color:navy'><span style='color:red'>1.</span> Click the <span style='color:green'>URL</span> below.</br></br><span style='color:red'>2. </span>Click the green <span style='color:green'> SEND </span> button to submit.<br /><br /><span style='color:red'>3.</span> When you`ve finished, an alert will pop-up and text will be automatically copied to your clipboard. <span style='color:red'>(You will be pasting this text back in the script)</span><br /><br /><span style='color:red'>4.</span> Close popup window and select <span style='color:green'>Sent Email</span>.

Modify the details above to enter the correct instructions for the step you are creating.

Build out each New Input that follows the Logic Options for your Web Pop.

Use the Text step to build the free-text steps where the operator will paste the integration notes back into the script.

Be sure to include instructions on how to proceed, and remember to make this a Required field so that we know if the operator has accessed the integration. If a Closing step will follow the integration documentation step, set Next to New Outcome.

Keep in mind that instructions will need to be entered using proper Coding.

<span style='color:red'>(NOTE: Press CTRL+V to paste the text from the pop-up alert into your notes.)</span>

Build the Outcome step, and the path is completed.

Don’t forget to click Publish Changes.

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