How to Block Numbers in SAS Flex

If your SAS line is getting spammed with robo-dialers, prank callers or telemarketers, you can block specific numbers right from your SAS Flex portal! Add as many numbers as you want, and separate each with a comma. Within your SAS Flex portal, you can block numbers from your Settings, or right from your call log. 

In this article we'll discuss:

Blocking Numbers From Your Settings

Within SAS Flex, go to your User icon in the upper right-hand corner and click  Settings. 

Then, on the left-hand side under  Telephony, select  Numbers.

On the next page, select the SAS number you wish to update.

Scroll down to the Block Callers section. Then, type in the number(s) you want blocked, separating each with a comma.

When you are finished, click Save

Blocking Numbers from Your Call Log

In your Call Log, select the call that you wish to block the number for. 
On the call details page, click the 3-dot menu on the right-hand side of your screen and select Block Caller. 

Once selected, a window will pop-up asking if you're sure you want to block this number. After clicking OK, the number will be added to the block list which is visible in your Settings.  

NOTE: If a caller is blocking their number (i.e. 266696687), you will need to contact our Support team to block that number for you.
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