Adding and Looking up Customer Data Using the Greeting (Lookup) Option within your Greeting Block

Any time a customer calls your business, their data is automatically stored in both your Call Log and within the Customers section of your portal. Utilizing the Greeting (Lookup) option within your Greeting Block will allow the system to display previous caller information to the agents to select. Once selected, the will system pre-populate all of the data. This will ensure agents get on and off the phone quickly, which means you can respond to customer requests more efficiently. 

In this article we'll discuss:

Viewing Customer Data

Within your SAS Flex Portal, click on your User icon and select Customers

On the next page, you'll see a list of all customers that have called your business. 

To view specific call details for any customer, click the 3-dot icon and select Call Detail. You can also Edit or Delete customer data from this view.

Configuring the Lookup Option in the Greeting Block

Click on the Builder icon on the left-hand side of your screen. Then select Blocks

From the Block Builder list, select Greeting and drag it over to the center of your screen.

Now under the  Edit tab, you will need to fill in the operator text, or what you want the operator to say to your callers. In this case, we'll greet the callers and ask how we may help them.

If you are using any of our call back features, you can also customize the greeting the operators will use when they call your customers back.

Under the Options tab, select the Lookup check box, then choose how you want agents to look up caller information. In this case, we'll choose SAS Call Log.
NOTE: You can also use the Lookup option in conjunction with our Salesforce app. For instructions on how to configure the Salesforce app, check out this article.

Under the Logic tab, add in your Logic options. In our example we want all calls to be handled the same, so we'll only add one. However, feel free to customize this based on your specific needs.

Under the  Field tab, name your script block. We named ours  Main Greeting - Lookup.

When you are finished, click Save
NOTE: Once your Greeting block has been created, you'll need to add it into a section. If you already have a Greeting section, simply replace your current Greeting block with the new one you just created. For more information on how to work with sections, check out this article.
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