How to Backup and Restore Your Scripts

Updating your SAS Flex script is easy, but it's always a good idea to back up your work in case your computer crashes or your grandma calls and keeps you on the phone for 3 hours and you forget what you were working on. Backups of any scripts that have been updated will automatically show under the Archived Scripts tab under your main Scripts page. However, you can archive your own scripts as well! 

NOTE: The script archive task runs once a week on Saturday. If any changes were made to the script over the 7 day period, you'll see it in Archive and have a rollback point. So, if you adjusted your script on Tuesday, then again the Tuesday after, you would see 2 backup points.

In this article we'll discuss:

How to Backup a Script

To access your scripts, click on the Builder icon from the left-side navigation panel. Then select Scripts.

On the next page, you'll see your active script(s). 

To back up a script, click on the 3-dot menu icon adjacent to the script you wish to save, and select  Backup.

NOTE: If you Delete a script, it cannot be recovered! 

How to Restore a Script

On the main Scripts page, click on the  Archived Scripts tab to view the scripts that have already been backed up. 

To restore any archived scripts, click the 3-dot menu icon next to the script you wish to restore, and select  Restore.

Once the script has been restored, it will move from the Archived Scripts tab to the Scripts tab.
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