Rating the Operators in SAS Flex

Call ratings allow you to let us know how the operators handled your call with a few clicks. We use this information to fine tune your answering service experience and maximize our efficiency and value to your business.

From the main  Calls page, click on the call you wish to review. This will bring you to the Call Details page of that specific call.

On the right-hand side of the next screen, you will see the Write a Review section.

To rate your call, you'll see three categories to rate the operators performance on. This includes the overall rating, the operators tone, and their professionalism. In addition, you'll have a place to add your thoughts about the interaction.

If an Internal Review by SAS has been completed on a specific call, you will see a Viewed by SAS banner above the call rating and an Internal Review listed directly underneath your own review within the Call Details. To view the full report, click Download

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