Converting Time Zones in Flex Export Reports

Export Reports in Flex enable you to download a report that contains the complete details that are gathered on each call. Data can be pulled for one month at a time. If you would like information for multiple months, each report will need to be requested individually.

Once you have selected your month and year, click Export. A .csv file will download automatically to your computer after it is finished generating.

Exported data is displayed in UTC time.

To convert timestamps to your time zone, follow the instructions below. We've used a conversion from UTC to Central Daylight Time.

Be sure to adjust the formula number based on your time zone and whether your location observes Daylight Savings Time.

Convert Timestamps in Excel

To convert a UTC timestamp to Central Daylight Time:

Right click column B and click Insert from the pop-up menu. This will insert a column to the left of First Name.

In cell B2, enter formula =A2-TIME(5,0,0)

Remember to adjust the formula for your time zone. For example, if you are converting from UTC time to Eastern Daylight Time, the formula would be =A2-TIME(4,0,0)
Copy this formula down the column. All timestamps will show as Central Daylight Time, which is 5 hours behind UTC time.

If you need to copy and paste this data to another column or remove the formula after conversion, be sure to paste Values only. This will remove the formula and leave only the timestamp.

You might want to add a column name, e.g., Date Time Central.

Change Timestamps to Regular Time (not Military Time) in Excel

To display timestamps in regular format instead of the 24-hour format:

Right click column B (where new timestamps are) and click Format Cells.

From the Category list, click Time. Scroll and select the 2nd to last option from the menu, 3/14/12 1:30 PM.

Click OK.
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