Can you automatically email my callers after the call ends?

There are several apps that will enable our system to email your customers following a call. Apps can be configured and integrated into any path in your script, and as long a customer provides their email address, the operators will just need to click a link to send them a message. Before you can utilize this feature, you'll need to create an outbound mailbox.

Take a look at the apps listed below for more information:

  • Email App - The Email App is useful for sending pricing information, product details, medical office forms, and more. It can also be utilized to create customized call detail routing for your colleagues so that new SAS leads will be easily identifiable. 
  • Google Calendar - The Advanced Settings section of the Google Calendar app gives you the option to send callers their appointment details following a call. The email will send them their appointment date and time or confirm a canceled appointment. Note that this is not an appointment reminder message, but an email confirmation of their appointment details.
  • Google Docs - With Google Docs, documents can be sent to callers as a link or an attachment. You can also use this app to provide operators with detailed information about your business in response to specific questions.
  • Google Maps - When callers are requesting directions to your business, we can take their starting address and send them a link with point-by-point directions provided by Google.

Once you've configured any of the apps above, follow these instructions to create an integration link web pop and complete setup.

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