How to integrate SAS with Google Maps

On occasion, operators will field calls from customers who are lost trying to locate your business. And for industries such as HVAC and Plumbing, you may find yourself having to contact people just to let them know that you are not able to provide service in their area. Integrating Google Maps with the Google Maps app in the SAS Desk portal is a great way to give your callers on-the-go directions, and to ensure that potential customers are located in your area. Follow the instructions below to configure the app!

In this article we'll discuss:

Configure the Google Maps App in SAS Desk

Log in to SAS Desk. Click the  Apps tab from the left-side menu, then click  Configure under the Google Maps app icon.

Once on the app screen, click the  Add location button under Settings.

In the  Location box, type your business address, or the address where your customers would visit. Based on what you type, Google Maps will populate options for you.

Now, type the name of the business or location in the  Name box. As you type, the text will appear above the Location line.

At this point, you'll select the type of  Directions you'd like to provide, and set the  Service area.

There are 3 types of directions:  DriveWalk or  Transit. You can select any or all options.

The service area can be set in 5 ways:

By adding a Radius

By using the Draw feature to define your area on the map to the right

By using the Polygon feature, and expanding the triangular area on the map to the right

By selecting from a menu of States

By selecting from a menu of Cities

If you'd like to add the option to email your callers directions to your location, first you'll need to configure an outbound mailbox. Then check the box next to  Email directions, and select your  From email.

The name you used for your outbound mailbox will show in the  From name box. Now you'll add your  Email subject and type your custom  Email body text.

By clicking the  Add advanced information box, you can also include additional details that will be displayed on the web page the operators will see. This will give them at-a-glance information about your business, such as phone numbers, contact email, business hours, and more. You can even customize the page by uploading your business logo.

Integrate Google Maps Into Your Script

With all of your integration settings complete, you'll need to add the integration into your SAS script.

Click the  Save configuration button in the lower right corner.

A pop-up will open containing the integration link. Right click to copy the link text, or highlight the link with your cursor and press CTRL+C. Then, click  OK.

To complete the integration, follow the web pop instructions in this article. For convenience, paste the integration link into Word or Notepad. You'll need this handy to paste into the web pop.
NOTE: Some integrations and access to external websites are restricted to designated operator distribution groups. If you are adding either to your script, please reach out so we can make sure your account is assigned to the proper distribution. 
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