How to send test messages

Our live answering service portal makes it easy to see a call script exactly how the call center agents see it. Viewing your call script can be useful to verify any changes you've made to your script or check to make sure you are receiving messages after calls.

If for some reason you are not receiving message notification, sending test messages to yourself ensures that everything is working as it should. In this tutorial, we'll go through your call script to verify that you are receiving messages to your location.

Send Yourself a Test Message

1. First, navigate to the script you are testing. Do to this, you'll click on the  Scripts link from the left navigation menu. Then, under Active Scripts, select the script you wish to view.

2. You'll be taken to the  Script Details page. On this page you'll see your FAQs, Objections, Description, and have the option to edit and view your call script. To send yourself a test message, click the green See your script icon in the top right corner of the screen.

3. This will bring up your call script in a pop-up. You'll see your Greeting screen, or the first step in your call script.

4. Navigate your call script by clicking through your path options and entering information as if you were the caller. To move through your script, you will use:

  • Drop downs: To move to the next screen, you'll often need to make a choice from a drop down menu followed by the Next button.
  • Input fields: Pages may have input fields. If fields have a red asterisk, you won't be able to skip them. Otherwise you can click Next.

5. When you have reached the last page, you will need to click Save Call in order for a message to push through.

6. After you save the call, you'll receive a test message sent to the profile that was linked to the path you just navigated through.

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