How to change where your messages are being sent

The Specialty Answering Service portal allows you to change where notification messages are being sent. You can edit or add email addresses and text numbers. In the steps below, we'll tell you how to get to the Profile Edit page, find where messages are currently going, and how to update the information. 

1. Click on the  Profiles link from the left navigation menu.

2. Then, click the blue  Edit button next to the Profile you want to edit to open the Profile information page. If you have multiple profiles on this page, you'll need to determine which profile is assigned to which call path.

3. On the Profile information page, scroll down to the second section called  Receiving your messages. Here you'll see where your messages are being sent after a phone call. Your current settings will be listed in each checked boxed. In our example below, only Email delivery is checked.

4. To add or edit your message delivery protocols, check/uncheck each box and add/delete your email address or phone numbers, then click the yellow  Update button at the top of the section.

  • To add Email delivery: Make sure the checkbox next to the word E-mail is checked. If it's not, click it to add a checkmark. Now Add the email address(es) where you want your messages sent. For multiple email addresses, separate each by a comma. When you're done, click Update.
  • To add Text delivery: Make sure the checkbox next to the word Text is checked. If it's not, click it to add a checkmark. Enter text numbers in the format 1 plus the 10-digit number with no spaces, e.g., 16035558989. Multiple numbers must be separated by a comma with no spaces, e.g., 16035558989,16035554654. You can also customize the text message by dragging and dropping script variables into the box below it. When you're done, click Update.

5. Once you have finished entering/updating any profile information, click the yellow  Update button to the right of Receiving your messages. If your message delivery update was successful, this pop-up will appear.

6. To verify the changes, go through your call script just like a call center agent would. After you've saved the call, you should get a message delivered to wherever you changed it in the steps above.

Congratulations! You've just updated where your messages are being sent and verified those changes by sending yourself a test message. Go get a cup of coffee and take a break.

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