Common Call Types

Depending on your business needs, you may have any number of different call types built into your script. Many accounts are programmed where "All Calls" are handled the same way – so there is only one call path. Some accounts list the specific people for whom a caller might ask – this would be built as a "Specific Person" path. Call types may also be unique to your business, for example, “Calling Regarding a Mold Issue” or "Calling for a Tow."

Below is a list of the most frequently used call types. These will give you a good idea of how you would like your script built, and will make it easy to explain when speaking with our Customer Service team!

Specific Person

Next Step is usually a Logic Option, listing the names of the staff members callers may ask for. Typically, there is also an option for “Other / Not Listed” in the event the caller asks for a person or department not in the pre-programmed list.

Schedule Appointment

Next Step is Appointment. Scheduling can be done using the SAS calendar, or you can integrate Google Calendar into your script via a Web Pop. We could also go to the client’s website to schedule, as long as our programmers determines that it is compatible / user-friendly, and they whitelist it. The caller’s basic information will be gathered and entered into the caller’s preferred time slot.

Cancel Appointment

This may be listed as a separate path, or as an option within an Appointment path. Before canceling an appointment, the operator will always give the caller the option to reschedule. The operator will search for the caller’s existing appointment and delete it from the calendar.

Note: We cannot cancel appointments for medical accounts due to HIPAA regulations.

Reschedule Appointment

This may be listed as a separate path, or as an option within an Appointment path. The operator will search for the caller’s existing appointment, delete it, and enter the same details into a new time slot.

Note: We cannot reschedule appointments for medical accounts due to HIPAA regulations.


Next Step may be a Logic Option or Pick List including things such as health issues, property addresses, environmental issues, and so on. This can occur at any point in the script. You may find it at the beginning of a call, followed by First Name. It may also be at the end of a call. For example, a property management company might have different individuals on call for specific profiles. Each property address would result in a different on call step.

Calling for Service

Next Step may be a Logic Option or Pick List, following a setup similar to the Emergency call type.

Interested in a Property

Next Step would probably be a Logic Option or Pick List with a list of available properties. It may also be a Web Pop to find the property’s agent assignment.

Needs Information

Next Step may be First Name, gathering basic information to send a message for a return call. Another option is to use the FAQs or a Web Pop to answer the caller’s question, which may or may not result in a message ticket depending on whether the caller’s query is resolved.

Information Only

Information Only calls are programmed into every script. This call type is used when a caller has asked for general information about your business that the operator is able to answer using your FAQs. In this case, the caller typically will not want to leave a message. Information Only calls will be displayed in your call log without the caller’s contact details.

Place Order

Next Step is a Web Pop, accessing the client’s site for order entry.

Web Down

For accounts where a Web Pop is to be accessed, there will always be an option for Web Down. In the event the operator is unable to access a client’s website, they will follow the Web Down path, gathering the caller’s basic information in order to have their call returned.


Next Step will be a basic First Name path. This is used if the caller’s query doesn’t fit into any of the specific call paths. It is most commonly labeled as "All Other Calls."

End Call

No Caller / Dead Air, Automated / Live Solicitation, Wrong Number, Prank Call

There are several types of calls where the operator will disconnect immediately. It is important to remember that these calls will still accrue usage, as the operators must answer every call that comes in on your line. However, in these situations, they are trained to end the call as quickly as possible.

Transferred to SAS

If a client inadvertently calls their forward number for assistance with their account, they will reach an operator. If it is during business hours, the operators will attempt to transfer the call to the SAS Customer Service team, as operators do not have the ability to make any account or script changes. This type of call will show in the call log as "Transferred to SAS."

Added / Canceled Special

When a client has requested that an " Agent Alert" (a temporary instruction that may change the way calls are handled) be added to or removed from an account, this will also appear in the call log.

If you have any questions regarding call types or your call log, feel free to contact our Customer Service department.

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