Building a schedule using Groups

The following tutorial will provide instructions on how to populate an on-call schedule using Groups.

If you haven't added your Groups yet, visit this tutorial for complete instructions. You'll need to complete these steps before you can build out your schedule.

The basic instructions for using Groups are the same, no matter what type of schedule you are working with. However, each schedule will have instructions that are type-specific. So be sure to refer to the complete details for your build out.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

After your staff members and schedule type have been added, click the yellow  Schedule button to the right of the Expiring column to build out your dates.

At the top of the next screen, you'll see the  Schedule expires status, you'll see the Start / Stop Time (Schedule runs from), the Timezone, and the schedule Type that you selected during setup. Just below the grey bar, you'll see Set the schedule for followed by the name of the schedule you are editing.

Selecting Dates to Schedule

Under the schedule name, you will enter the active dates that you'll be building out.

: If you are building a schedule that will never change, you can retain the default  (Infinity) option on the left. Creating the schedule using this option will infinitely populate calendar dates with the staff members you select.

We're building this example as an Infinity schedule, but there are a few other options for selecting dates. Learn more about them here.

Adjusting Contact Settings

Next, you'll complete the Contact settings.

1. To the right of the schedule type, you will see a drop down menu with the options  Standard or Custom.

In a  Standard schedule, the same person or group of people is on-call for the full 24-hour period from the Start time to the Stop time. In a Custom schedule, there are different people on-call during separate blocks of time within the 24-hour period.

2. For this tutorial, we will select  Standard.

At this point, we will  Add the Group you created for this schedule. On the far right, you will see a drop down list labeled, "Choose Group." 

3. Click on the drop down menu and select the appropriate Group from the list.

Note that only groups matching the schedule type will be listed in the drop down menu.

Once you have selected your group, the green Add group button will become operational.

4. Click Add group, and the group list you created will populate in the staff area. In addition, you'll notice that the color you selected for the group is toggled.

5. Keep in mind that the group list is not static. You can change contact options, update the dial-out order, or include additional staff members. Just remember to click  Save for any line edits, and click Add to schedule for any new entries.

6. If you are building out a Reach schedule, you'll need to set the reach Type and Queue. Visit this tutorial for complete instructions.

Saving a Schedule

1. When your changes are complete, click the blue  Save schedule button in the bottom right corner of the last entry. 

To confirm that the schedule is populated for the dates you selected, you'll see this pop-up.

2. Click OK.

3. Then, scroll down to the full calendar. You'll see your schedule displayed in the group color you selected.

Repeat the string of steps above to continue adding to your schedule. Once you've built out your dates, the  Schedule expires status at the top left of the page will change to the last date you have scheduled.

NOTEIf you are scheduling for a future date or time, the expiry status will remain Expired until that date.

Click the blue  Return to on-call button, and the previous screen will show that your schedule is in effect. You will see your end-date under the Expiring column.

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