What is an Outcome Step?

As you begin working within your script, you will become familiar with the different steps or field names in each path, and how they are used. At the end of every path, an Outcome step is required. This is used to end the call with the caller, and is also necessary so that you can receive notification of each call. Outcomes, or Call Results, refer to the specific label that defines each path in your script. These can be standard, or can be customized to match your particular needs. For instance, you may have a path for calls to the business owner. The label might be, "Asked for John Wagner." When you sign in to your web portal to view your call log, the  Outcome column will show the corresponding call result for each script path.

Please note that if you forget to end a script path properly, you will see a red 'Path Incomplete' label.

The Outcome step typically contains basic text such as, “Okay, {{FirstName}}, I will pass your message along and someone will be in touch with you soon. Thank you for calling!” It may result in a simple message ticket, it may end by transferring a call to a pre-programmed number, or it may end in an automated reach out to your on-call staff. 

To add an Outcome step, click on the step prior to the step you want to be the Outcome step. Then, within the Next drop down, select New Outcome.

Click the blue checkmark to continue. You will be taken back to the Home page of your script.

Next, from the script's home page, select the path you were working on and page forward until you get to the new step you've created. Your new Outcome step will look like the picture below.

Click the gray Message icon to edit the script step. In the Text window, enter in the following fields:

  • Text: Enter in the text you want the agents to relay to your callers. 
  • URL (optional): If you are integrating one of our apps or an automated reach on-call, you would paste the query string in this field.
  • Transfer (optional): If you want us to cold transfer the caller, enter in the contact number in this field. Note you'll need to enter the number in 10-digit format (e.g., 2155551212)
  • Outcome: Enter in the Outcome, or Call Result, of the call. In our example we named our Outcome step General Message, but you can name yours according to your needs (e.g., Calling for Support, Calling with Emergency, etc.). 

When you are finished, click the blue check mark. Then click Publish Changes.

Depending on how your account is programmed, you may see a variety of Outcomes in your web portal. Any call that hits our system and is displayed in your portal will be billed according to your plan.

Here is a list of standard call results / outcomes for your reference:

  • Added / Canceled Special - When a client has requested that a Special (a temporary instruction that may change the way calls are handled) be added to or removed from an account, this will be noted in the call log.
  • Answered Question - This is a type of information-only call. The operator would answer the caller's question using the FAQs provided. May also be labeled Information Only.
  • Appointment Canceled - For appointment scheduling accounts, when a caller wishes to cancel an appointment.
  • Appointment Rescheduled - For appointment scheduling accounts, when a caller needs to reschedule an appointment.
  • Appointment Scheduled - For appointment scheduling accounts, this reflects the initial appointment.
  • Automated / Live Solicitation - Automated call or a live-telemarketer.
  • Form Submitted - For accounts requiring operators to complete a specific form, for example on a client's website. May also be labeled as Sent Data, or something similar.
  • Information Only - These callers may be requesting information such as mailing address or business hours, and choose not to leave a message with the service.
  • Message Ticket - This is the call type for basic message taking. Message tickets do not follow a specific script path. They are available to the operator to use when the caller's needs do not match the available paths.
  • No Caller / Dead Air - Operators will occasionally encounter these types of calls which may be from telemarketers who have disconnected the line. Because operators are required to ask if the caller is still on the line, talk time can accrue and thus will be billed.
  • Order Placed - For order taking accounts, or those accounts accepting payments.
  • Prank Call - This is rare, but in the event that it does occur, this call type will be listed.
  • Reach On Call - For accounts that require the system to dial out to on-call staff.
  • Refused Information - This is a type of information-only call where caller refuses to provide the operator with any information and simply disconnects the line.
  • SMS Disregard - This indicates that a text message was received on your account but there was no need to respond, so the message was deleted.
  • SMS Send - You'll see this call result when the operator receives and responds to a text message on your account.
  • Transferred - For accounts that require the operator to transfer calls (warm or cold patch).
  • Web Down - For accounts that require the operator to access your website. You may see this call type if the website was down.
  • Wrong Number - If at any point on service you notice a significant number of wrong number calls, a front-end custom greeting can be added to reduce this call type.

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