Quality Reviews on SAS Desk

When a call does not go as it should, or when we feel that a particular operator has gone above and beyond their scope of work, the call is submitted for a Quality Review (QR). Reviews may be initiated by Customer Support, but largely, they are sent in based on the Operator Ratings that you provide via the SAS Desk portal.

During the review process, we look at several categories. For example, our Quality Review team assesses:

  • Tone and Demeanor
  • Call Management and Script Utilization
  • Following the Proper Path
  • Data Accuracy

When we feel that an operator would benefit from coaching, we work with them to address the specific call and discuss ways to improve their call handling skills moving forward.

Your feedback allows us to work with operators who need additional training, relay positive feedback to operators who are doing exceptional work, and adjust our training modules overall to continue to provide you with the very best service, no matter who is answering your phones.

If you already have your calls recorded, you can review them directly from your call log!

If you do not currently have your calls recorded and would like to start, send us an email, and we can activate this feature for you. We encourage you to listen to and review calls at your convenience. The more we know, the more we grow!

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