Learn About the Live Calls Add-On

While SAS Flex contains most everything customers need to manage their answering service, some customers may require a bit more. For example, customers who receive a high volume of calls or customers who want real time access to the current service level on their account may want the Live Calls add-on.
With this feature, you can view how many calls are currently waiting in queue, how many are currently being handled, listen to those calls in real time, see the service level over the last 24 hours, and run historic service level reports. 
Users must be on our SAS Flex Billing platform in order to activate the Live Call Add-On. For pricing and purchasing information, see your Flex portal.

In this article we'll discuss:

How to Activate the Live Calls Add-on

Upon logging into your SAS Flex portal, you'll be taken to your call log. To activate the Live Calls Add-on, scroll down to the purple Live Calls section. Click the Activate it button.

Within the pop-up, you'll need to first agree to the service terms. Then click the Buy button. Your account will be invoiced immediately and you can begin using this feature.

Once active, the Live Calls Add-On will be displayed at the top of your call log. You'll see stats along the top, including:

  • Service Level: Service level is calculated throughout the day in UTC time by taking the number of calls answered divided by the number of calls offered minus abandoned calls. Service level does not consider callbacks or IVR interactions in it’s calculation.
  • Avg. Time to Answer: The average time, in seconds, for an operator to answer a calls
  • Total Calls: The total number of all calls offered today. This includes inbound calls, callbacks, IVR interactions, and abandoned calls.
  • Total Queue: The total number of inbound calls offered today excluding callbacks, IVR interactions, and abandoned calls.
  • Total Answered: The total number of calls answered today by SAS.

Within the Queue section, you'll see a list of calls that are currently waiting to be picked up by an agent, and how long they have been waiting.

Within the Conversations section, you'll see calls that are currently being handled by an agent. To listen in to a live call, click the radio button on the right-hand side. 

Removing the Live Calls Add-On Feature

If you no longer want access to the Live Calls Add-on feature, you can remove it right from your portal.

In SAS Flex, click on your user icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then select  Billing. 

From the Manage Billing page, click the  Add-ons tab. You will then see which add-ons you currently have activated. To de-activate the feature, click the check box next to the add-on you wish to remove.

Within the pop-up window, you will need to click the  Downgrade Live Calls button to deactivate. The billing change will be reflected on your next monthly invoice.

Live Call Reporting

With with Live Call Add-on, you also get access to a Hold Data report which will provide insight into any queue times on your SAS line.

Within SAS Flex, click on the  Reports icon from the left-hand navigation panel.

From the main Reports page, click the  Hold Data tab. Use the filters to select a specific number and date range.

Within that tab, you'll see a Queue time report, as well as a Queue time per call table. Below is a breakdown of each.

Queue time

This graph will show you how how many calls waited in queue and for how long. In the graph below, you can see that 68% of calls within the last 7 days were answered within 30 seconds. About 26% of calls were Abandoned, meaning that the caller disconnected from the call before an agent could answer. 

Queue time per call

This table will show you:

  • Call time: This column will display the timestamp of the call.
  • From Number: This column will display the caller's Caller ID.
  • To number: This column will display your SAS forwarding number.
  • Call center wait time (in sec): This column will display how long it took for the individual call center to answer the call. Any calls marked with a - instead of a number indicates that the caller disconnected. 
  • Total wait time (in sec): This column will display the total amount of time that the caller waited in queue. This value includes the call center wait time.
  • Duration (in sec): This column will display the total duration of the call, including operator talk time.

To download or print any reports, click either the Download XLS or Print this page buttons.

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