Understanding my first invoice on Flex billing

The information and formulas below are for customers on our per-minute pricing. For a breakdown of what your first invoice will look like on our per-call structure, refer to this article.

You’ve received your first invoice and want a break down. Here’s how it works!

SAS issues monthly invoices on the 1st of every month, and they are due on receipt. The invoice amount includes the base rate of the current month, any additional lines you may have (charged at $10/line) and any overages you may have accrued from the previous month. 

Your first invoice has two charges:

A prorated charge for the time your free trial ends to the end of the month
A charge for any additional numbers you may have
Let's look at an example.

Suppose your trial ended on the 10 th of September and you chose the 100-minute plan at $139 per month. This is what would appear on your first invoice:

What you'll see: September’s prorated base rate, from the 10th to the 30th (20 days)

  • How it was calculated: $139 per month ÷ 30 days in the month of September = $4.63 per day; ($4.63 per day) x (20 days) = $92.60
  • Corresponding charge: $92.60

All other bills will include these 3 charges:

The regular monthly charge for the service you picked
Overage in minutes that you accrued last month
Any additional numbers you may have.
Usage for your first month will also be prorated. So, if you are on the 100-minute plan and your trial ended on September 10 th, then the prorated number of minutes for the remainder of that billing period would be approximately 67 minutes.

Let’s say that from September 10 th to the 30th, you used 10 minutes over your prorated amount. You will see a line item like this included on your second invoice:

What you'll see: September usage charges ($1.29 per minute based on the 100-minute plan)

  • How it was calculated: 100 minutes per month ÷ 30 days in the month of September = 3.33 minutes per day; (3.33 mins per day) x (20 days) = 67 available minutes; (10 minutes over) x ($1.29 each additional minute) = $11.90
  • Corresponding charge: $11.90

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