How to change a transfer number in your script

Specialty Answering Service's Call Script Builder lets you program Warm and Cold Transfers right into your call script. This brief tutorial will give you instructions on how to update those transfer numbers in your script.

Finding your transfer step

With the Call Script Builder open, you'll need to find the Transfer step in the call script. Any transfer steps will be named Transfer. If you have trouble finding these Script Steps, you can always use the search feature for the step names. 

Once you have the transfer step open, you'll see the  Transfer Number field under the text box. The number listed in this field is the number we are transferring to.

If we are using a Profile number for transfers, you'll see {{Profile.PhoneNumber}} listed in the Transfer text box instead. 

Changing Your Transfer Number

If your  Transfer Number is being used, it will contain an actual number. To replace the number:

1. Type in the new number in the Transfer Number input box using a 10-digit format (e.g., 2155551212). If no number is entered, agents will not be able to warm transfer calls.

2. Then click the blue check mark to return to the script, then click Publish Changes. 

Using Profile information for transfers

If  {{Profile.PhoneNumber}} is listed in the Transfer box, you'll need to update the transfer number within the Profile that is assigned to the script path. 

To learn how to see which Profiles call paths are assigned to, check out this article. In this example, our call path is assigned to our General Message Profile.

Once you know which Profile the script path is assigned to, go to the Profiles tab within your portal and select the Profile you wish to update. In this case we will be updating our General Message Profile.

Under the Profile Information section, you'll see a phone number field. This is the number that is being used for transfers for this particular Profile. Edit the number accordingly, then click Update.

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