Functions of the on-call calendar

If you scroll to the bottom of your on-call schedule, you'll see a full calendar for the current month. There are a few things you can do from this view. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

To navigate the calendar, click the arrows on either side of the month and year. The arrow on the right will advance forward, and the left arrow will move backward.

Print, Details and Email

The  PrintDetails and Email functions can be found in the upper left corner of the calendar view.

Printing a Schedule

Click the blue  Print button, and a printer-friendly version of your schedule will open for the month you are viewing.

Viewing Schedule Details

Clicking the yellow  Details button will open a pop-up that contains your schedule broken down by date as well as time. If you have a custom schedule, you'll see the schedule for each time slot.

Emailing Your On-Call Schedule

If you would like to email the on-call schedule to your staff members, click the green  Email button. In the pop-up, enter each employee's email address separated by a comma, and then click Send.

The schedule will be emailed in calendar format like the example below.

Clearing a Schedule

You can clear sections of your calendar by using the  Clear all and Clear this month buttons in the upper right corner of the calendar view.

Clear All

The  Clear all button will delete all existing schedule information. If you are sure you want to make this change, click the yellow Yes button when you see the pop-up below.

Clear This Month

Clear this month will clear the calendar month that you are currently viewing. If you are sure you want to make this change, click the yellow Yes button when you see the pop-up below.

Editing a Specific Date

Finally, the full calendar view enables you to edit your on-call schedule for a specific date. Just click on the date you'd like to edit, and you'll see the schedule in a grey box to the right of the calendar. Click the white  Edit button in the upper right corner of the box, and then scroll up to the Contact settings section to update the existing schedule.

You can learn more about editing a specific on-call date here.

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