Add warm or cold transfer options to your script

Create a seamless customer service experience by building transfer options into your script. Having our operators transfer calls to you allows you to screen calls, while still maintaining professionalism with a live agent as your front-end receptionist.

In the tutorials below, we'll learn how how to add a variety of transfer or "patch" options into your script. But first, let's learn the language and the parameters.

What Are Warm and Cold Transfers?

There are two types of transfers you can add into your account, a warm transfer or a cold transfer:

  • In a Warm Transfer, if the contact person answers, the operator can provide them with the caller’s information and ask if they would like the call transferred. The term Warm Transfer and Warm Patch are used synonymously.
  • In a Cold Transfer, the operator does not wait on the line to see if you want to accept the call. The operator will transfer the caller through to your number without an announcement. The term Cold Transfer and Cold Patch are used synonymously.

Program Transfers Into Your Script

The 6 tutorials below will show you how to program a variety of transfers. Note that the first 3 tutorials are for 24/7 transfers while the last 3 will restrict transfers to business hours only.

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