Updating Your Front End Greeting

Your callers are always welcomed by a recorded greeting before they start speaking with an operator. Customizing this recorded greeting is a fantastic way to make your callers answering service experience personal.

You can personalize your greeting to say something like, "Thank you for calling ABC Plumbing, we'll be with you in a moment" or "Thank you for calling Dr. Smith's office. As of January 26th, we are no longer accepting new patients." You can record a new greeting (or upload a pre-recorded greeting) and associate it with one of your Flex numbers right from your portal! Keep reading and we'll show you how.

In this tutorial we'll show you:

Where to find your SAS number


Click the User icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then, select Settings from the dropdown menu.


Then, on the left-hand side under Telephony, select Numbers. This will take you to a view showing all of the configurable Flex numbers you have available in your portal.


From this view, you'll see all of your Flex numbers, including some quick reference details, such as if a recording is attached and the Alias you may have given your number. Just click on the number to pull up the configuration panel.

How to edit your front end greeting

When you're in the number configuration page, scroll down to the section labeled Front end greeting. From here, you can associate a greeting you've already uploaded, or use our Text to Speech engine to say your greeting for you. We'll show you how to do both.

Choose a Front End Greeting Type

If you want your Front End Greeting to play 24/7, choose the All day greeting option. If you want different Front End Greetings to play during business hours and after hours, choose the Business and after hours greeting option.

If you choose to have a different greeting play during business hours and after hours, you'll need to select your timeframe, then choose your greetings for both Business Hours and After Hours. Note that you will have needed to set your company's business hours within your account Settings first in order for this option to work. 

Associate a recorded greeting

Select greeting: If you’ve already uploaded your greeting, they will be available to select in this drop-down list. If you haven’t already uploaded a custom greeting, check out this article.

Fallback text to speech: In the event that your recorded greeting is not working, our Text to Speech engine will read your greeting for you. Just type in what you want your greeting to say, and our system will relay the message.

Use text to speech

Text to speech: If you don’t wish to upload your own recorded greeting and just want to use Text to Speech, select this option and type in the greeting you want our system to say.

I don't want a front end greeting on the line

We always recommend adding a front end greeting on the line. It makes sure that the answering service nails the pronunciation of your company name and your brand 100% of the time. However, if you don't want a front end greeting, you can select the No greeting option.

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