Activating and Configuring Queue Callback

When activated, Queue Callback (also known as virtual callback or virtual queueing) will dial your callers back if they hang up while waiting for 30 seconds or longer while in queue. Upon the call back, the agent will greet the caller by saying "Hello, I’m calling you back because it looks like we just missed your call" before the scripted greeting, so that callers are aware of who is calling them. You can choose to customize the callback greeting as well!

The Callback Feature works only if you are directly forwarded to service.  If you are forwarding through a tracking system or masked number, we do not have the caller ID to call back the caller. In addition, callbacks may come through as Potential Spam, so your customers may not receive the callback if they have any Spam Blockers set up on their side. 

In this article we'll discuss:

Why you would want to activate queue callback

Queue callback is a great option to help keep those customers happy who don't have time to wait for a live agent. With queue callback activated:

  • Your callers will receive either a call back or an SMS message if they hang up after 30 seconds or longer while waiting for an agent. The call will drop into the queue and will be handled by the next available operator.
  • No fees are added to your monthly invoice - this is a free feature
  • The call is still processed by the first available receptionist
NOTE: Even if you have call recordings turned on, queue call backs are not recorded.

How to activate queue callback


Within SAS Flex, go to your User icon in the upper right-hand corner and click  Settings.


Under Telephony, select Numbers.


Select the number where you want to add the Callback feature.


Under the Queue Callback section, check the Queue Callback Status box to activate.

NOTE: If you currently have a driving question in your regular greeting, you'll want to add that same driving question to your customized callback greeting(s) as well.

Then, select when you want to trigger the Queue Callback.  You can choose to have it call back all callers, or only first time callers. If you choose First time callers only, note that the system doesn't reset. Meaning, if a customer calls 3 months ago and then calls again from the same caller ID, the system will not consider that customer to be a first time caller.


Next, enter in the time frame you want the Queue Callback to activate. For example, you may want it to activate an hour before your business opens, and have it deactivate an hour after your business closes.

NOTE: If callers don’t answer the callback the first time, you can activate a Second Callback if no answer. If activated, this setting will apply to both Callback and Queue Callback type calls.

Sending an SMS message

If you'd prefer to send your mobile callers a Text instead of having us call them back, check the Send an SMS Message box to activate. Then, fill in the SMS text you want sent to callers. 

If the SMS feature is activated, it will override the queue callback. In other words, callers who hang up will not receive both a text and a callback. Note that if you have a Toll Free Number with SAS, SMS messages may not always go through.
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