Customizing Callback Greetings

SAS Flex offers several different callback options that are designed to help capture more leads and increase customer retention. If you've activated any of our callback options within your portal, you can also choose to customize the language the agents will use when greeting callers upon the callback.

In this tutorial we'll show you:

Different Call Back Options

  • Press 1 Callback: When activated, Press 1 Callback will give your callers the option to press 1 to reserve their place in the queue.
  • Queue Callback: When activated, Queue Callback will dial your callers back if they hang up while waiting for 30 seconds or longer while in the queue.
  • No Answer Callback: If callers don’t answer the first callback attempt, you can activate a Second Callback if no answer.
  • Form Callback: The SAS Flex Instant Callback app is a way to initiate instant callbacks to your customers after they've submitted a form on your website.

How to customize Callback Greetings

Within SAS Flex, go to the  Builder icon on the left-side menu. Then select  Scripts.

From the main Scripts page, select the script you would like to update. 

On the next page, locate your Greeting block and by click on the hyperlinked (greeting) field as shown below. Note that if your script is using the Greeting Compound block, the hyperlink will show (greeting_compound) instead.

Under the Edit tab, you'll see the text for your current greeting below the Operator Text section. To activate and customize your callback greeting(s), check the box next to the applicable greeting and customize accordingly. 

NOTE: If you currently have a driving question in your regular greeting, you'll want to add that same driving question to you callback greeting(s) as well. For example:

When you are finished editing your script block, click Save.
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