How to configure the SAS Flex Instant Callback app

The SAS Flex Instant Callback app is a way to initiate instant callbacks to your customers after they've submitted a form on your website. When the form is submitted, the call will drop to the agent with the data you've configured based on the collectors you used when you created the form. For agents, a note will show above the greeting as "The caller submitted a form on the clients website which initiated a phone call" so they are aware where calls may be coming from. 

  NOTE: If you'd like incoming calls triggered by the Instant Callback app to be handled differently than your normal calls, you may need an additional line.

How to Configure the SAS Flex Instant Callback App

In our example, we are going to create an Instant Notification form  email template to send new customers after the call has ended.

Within SAS Flex, click the  Integrations icon from the left navigation panel.

On the next screen, click  Install next to the  SAS Instant Callback icon.

Once on the app screen, click the Add Configuration button as shown below.

First we'll need to fill out the fields outlined below. 
  • Name: Name your template something that helps you tell it apart from any others that you may decide to add. For example, we named ours “New Customer Callback."
  • Description: This is a simple description that explains what the template is being used for.
  • Return URL: After users submit the Instant Notification form, they will be taken to the URL you specify here, like a “thank you” page on your website.
  • Script: In this section, you'll need to choose the script and phone number we’ll will use when we call your contacts back.
  • Fields: Select the fields to include in your Instant Notification form. The agents will have all of this data pre-filled in their script when they call your contact.

When you are finished configuring your Instant Notification form, click Save and Generate. A window will then pop up with the HTML code you need to copy and paste into your website, or send to your webmaster.

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