Learn About the Transcription Add-On

SAS Flex is chock full of features that have been designed with you in mind. While most of the features we offer come free with service, we also offer a handful of premium add-ons, like the Transcription Add-On. With this feature, users will be able to read a transcript of their recorded calls instead of listening. In order to utilize this feature, call recordings must be turned on within an account.

Users must be on our SAS Flex Billing platform in order to activate the Transcription Add-On. For pricing and purchasing information, see your Flex portal. Pricing will change depending on the plan you are on.

In this article we'll discuss:

If both the Transcription and Queue Voicemail add-ons are enabled, your voicemail messages will be transcribed as well.

How to Activate the Transcription Add-On Feature

Within SAS Flex, click on any call within your call log. Beneath the call recording, you'll see the Transcription Add-On. Click the Activate It button.

Within the pop-up, you'll need to first agree to the service terms. Then click the  Buy button. Your account will be invoiced immediately and you can begin using this feature.

Once added, your calls going forward will be transcribed. You will see the transcription beneath the call recording within the call details section of your call log. 

How to Remove the Transcription Add-On Feature

If you no longer want access to the Transcription Add-on feature, you can remove it right from your portal.

In SAS Flex, click on your user icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then select Billing.

From the Manage Billing page, click the Add-ons tab. You will then see which add-ons you currently have activated. To de-activate the feature, click the check box next to the add-on you wish to remove.

Within the pop-up window, you will need to click the Downgrade Transcription button to deactivate. The billing change will be reflected on your next monthly invoice.

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