How to Stop a Reach On-Call

An automatic Reach On-Call can be stopped in two different ways. The first is to accept the call or SMS message via your phone. However, you can also stop an active Reach via your online portal. If a Reach is currently in progress, you will see a banner within your portal's call log as shown below. To stop the Reach, simply click Stop Reach

Within the details page of the call, the On-Call tab will show the details and status of the Reach, including any upcoming attempts. If the Reach is currently in progress, the status will say Initiated, and the Upcoming status will say In progress

If you've stopped the reach via your portal, the status will say Stopped.

If you've accepted the Reach via your phone, the status will say Completed

If the Reach has not been stopped or accepted, the status will say Failed. If you are utilizing an SMS reach, the status may say No_Ack instead, which stands for Not Acknowledged. This means that no one accepted the Reach.

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