How to Swap a Script Block From One to Another

When editing your script, you may want to switch out one script block for another. For example, if your script is currently using a regular Closing block but you want to use a Reach block instead, you can easily change the Block Type in a few simple steps.

NOTE: Not every script block will allow you to swap it out for another. For example, you will not be able to change a Greeting block into a Closing block.
Within SAS Flex, go to the Builder icon on the left-side menu. Then select Scripts.

From the Scripts page, select the script you would like to edit.

On the next page, you'll see your script workflow. 

Locate and click on the script block you would like to switch out for another. In our example, we'll be swapping our Closing block for a Reach block, so we'll click on our Closing block to edit. 

When the script block pops up on your screen, you'll see the Block Type in the upper left-hand corner. 

Click on the Block Type to expand the drop down menu. You'll see all of the available block options you can swap your current block for. We'll choose Reach
NOTE: Depending on the script block you've chosen, the available script block options you can switch it out with may differ.

Once the new block type is chosen, you'll need to configure it accordingly. Since we've chosen to use a Reach block, we'll need to choose a Reach On-Call schedule from the Options menu. However, depending on what block you've chosen to switch out, the settings you'll need to configure may differ. 

When you are finished editing the block, click Save. You'll be taken back to the workflow page where you'll see your new script block has replaced your old script block.

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