Understanding Different Closing Block Options

When building a script in SAS Flex, there are several options to choose from when deciding how to close out your script. In this article we'll go over the different types of Closing Block options. To learn how to configure each option, simply click on the applicable Closing block link to go to that respective article.

Closing Block Options

  • Closing: In the Closing block, the CSR will say a short statement and disconnect the call. Closing blocks allow you to select the Call Result, or Outcome, which is how the call will be displayed in your call log. You can also choose to send where messages are sent after the call ends by selecting a Profile.
  • Closing (Collector): The Closing (Collector) block will automatically select a Profile, Outcome and a Cold Transfer endpoint (optional) at closing based on a prior collector value. For example, if you have a Specific Person logic option set up in your script, the Closing (Collector) block could be used to screen different collectors (name of specific person) to see if the variable entered matches your condition, which could change the end result of the script (sending a message vs. not sending a message).
  • Cold Transfer: Use this block to have agents transfer callers to a number on your side. There is no interaction between the CSR and the contact person. The caller’s information may or may not be gathered prior to the transfer. You can choose to transfer to a Profile number, transfer according to a cold transfer schedule, or manually type in a number to transfer calls to within the block itself.
  • Reach: This block is used at the end of a script workflow. After the caller is disconnected and the call is saved, the system will automatically contact your on-call staff based on the Reach On-Call Schedule you've integrated.

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