What types of numbers does SAS provide?

What types of numbers does Specialty Answering Service provide and what are the associated costs?

SAS provides three types of numbers:

  • U.S.-based local numbers 
  • U.S.-based toll-free numbers (SMS messaging will not work with toll-free numbers)
  • U.S.-based true 800 numbers (SMS messaging will not work with toll-free numbers)

Pricing is as follows:

  • The first local or toll-free number is free of charge.
  • If you would like additional toll-free numbers for add-tracking purposes, you will need to create a sub account.
  • If you request a true 800 number (where 800 or 888 is the prefix), an additional $25 monthly fee is associated with it. Note that true toll-free numbers are only available for clients on our Flex Billing system.

Important details:

  • The cost for additional numbers is a flat fee. Usage on each line is assessed separately.
  • Any local or toll-free numbers that SAS provides are non-transferable. Should you decide to suspend or cancel service at any time, you cannot take the number with you.
  • We are not able to acquire local numbers in every area code. If you have a special request, please contact us at service@specialtyansweringservice.net.
  • SMS messaging for notification of calls works with local forward numbers only. It will not work with toll-free numbers. Email can be used as an alternative to texts in those cases. For accounts that need to retain their toll-free number AND receive SMS messages, we can add a local number to the account in addition to the toll free number, and set up an Advanced VR where calls will flow from the toll-free number to the local number so SMS messages can be delivered. Keep in mind additional lines incur an extra $10/month charge.
  • We do not provide vanity numbers.
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