How do I set up IVR?

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is frequently used by businesses to direct inbound calls based on the option that the caller selects. For example, you may use a Simple IVR for a bilingual account: press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish, or you may use an Advanced IVR to give callers the choice to leave a message or reach an operator. IVR can be added to your account at any time. Depending on the type that you require (Simple or Advanced), you may be subject to a $10 additional line fee. 

In order to initialize IVR on your account, we will need a recording of your upfront greeting. You may choose to create the recording on your own and send it to us as an MP3 or WAV file. Or, if you would prefer, we would be happy to record the greeting on your behalf, free of charge. Just provide us with a complete list of departments and extensions, and/or a complete list of employees and extensions.

Note: Adding and Advanced IVR to your line will incur an additional $0.15 per minute that the IVR itself plays. Simple IVRs do not incur an additional $0.15/minute.

What to Record

If you are utilizing our voicemail services or if you have multiple script/department options on your account, you'll need to record all names and extensions as one file. For example, “Thank you for calling SAS. For Joe Smith, press 1. For Sales, press 2. For Customer Support, press 3,” all in one greeting.

Voicemail Services

For voicemail, we will also require a list of corresponding email addresses where messages should be sent.

Transferring to Non-SAS Numbers

We can set up your IVR to transfer callers right to your SAS Forwarding Number, or we can set up a transfer to an outside number on your side. For example, you may want callers with billing issues to press 1 to speak with your billing department directly, while all other callers may press 2 to speak with a live receptionist. 

Secondary Recordings

If you require an additional greeting after the caller makes their initial selection, this will need to be recorded as a separate MP3 or WAV file. For example, let's say the caller presses 1 for Customer Service. Subsequently, they may be given the options, "For Billing, press 1. For Technical Support, press 2. For all other requests, press 3."

Please note that before the call reaches an operator, the caller will hear the phrase, "For quality assurance, this call may be recorded." If you do not want to include this language in your greeting, then we can turn off call recording on your account. Call details will still be available in your message portal, but call recordings will not.

Once we have received all necessary information, please allow 24 to 48 hours for programming. Please note that there is a per-minute charge for automated greetings. Visit our pricing page for additional details.

Should you have questions regarding setting up IVR on your account, need assistance with script writing, or have any other concerns, feel free to contact our Customer Service department.

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