Building a Section with a Logic Block

Regardless of where a Logic block is used in your workflow, there are only two places within a Section that it can be added: as the final block in a section containing other blocks, or as a separate section with no additional blocks. This is because each logic option will send the agent down a distinct path, and a new section must follow. In the example below, we will add a Logic block to the end of section.

NOTE: Logic blocks are different from the Logic options that you can add to a Greeting block.

Adding a Logic Block to the End of a Section

When all of your blocks are created, go to the  Builder icon on the left side of your screen, and select  Sections.

The Section bank contains all existing sections, whether active or inactive. The Block bank contains all existing blocks, including those that are currently unassigned.

We'll be using some of our Unassigned Blocks to create a new section.

From the Unassigned Blocks list, click and drag your first block to the center of your section. When you see the blue highlight, drop the block into place.

Continue dragging over the necessary blocks, and be sure to end with the Logic block.

After you've added your blocks, add a Section name that will identify the purpose of this script path, and select a Color to help differentiate it from other sections in your workflow.

When you are finished, click  Save in the upper right corner.

Now that your section is created, it's time to add it to your Workflow! Check out this article for instructions on how to build an SAS Flex script workflow.
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