How to set up a Logic Option in your Greeting

Logic Options should be used in your Greeting if you want the operators to follow one path or another right from the start of the call. For example, an HVAC company may want agents to ask callers right away if they're having an emergency. If they are, the script may direct the agent to warm transfer the caller to an on-call technician. If the caller is not having an emergency, the script may direct the agent to gather basic information for a return call. If you want all calls handled the same way no matter what the reason for the call, then you don't need to include a Logic Option in your Greeting.

How to add a Logic Option to your Greeting

First, we'll need to start with the appropriate Greeting block. Click on the Builder icon from the left-side navigation panel. Then select   Blocks.

From the  Builder blocks list, click and drag the Greeting block to the center of your screen. 
You will notice 2 other Greeting blocks labeled Greeting (Compound) and Greeting (Lookup). In this tutorial, we will be using the standard Greeting block. For more information on when to use the other Greeting options, check out this article for a breakdown of script blocks and their functions.

Now under the  Edit tab, you will need to fill in the operator text, or what you want the operator to say to your callers. In this case, we’ll be asking the caller if they're calling in with an emergency.

NOTE: You may also change your Greeting type to Business and after hours greeting, and select the corresponding Business hours set. This will enable you to enter distinct greetings for business vs. after hours. If after hours is chosen, you can also configure a Lunch greeting and/or Holiday greeting. 

If you are using any of our call back features, you can also customize the greeting the operators will use when they call your customers back.

Under the  Logic tab, click  Add in the upper right corner to enter each option.

Under the  Option heading, add the list of items that agents will select from. In this example, we will add Yes - Calling with Emergency and No - All Other Calls, along with  Tooltips that agents will see when they hover over each option.

NOTE: Though  Tooltip text is optional, it can sometimes be useful to provide the agents with any necessary clarification.

If you want to change the order of your options, simply hover over the 6-dot icon on the left, and drag and drop the options into place.

Next, under the  Field tab, you will need to add a Block label, which will help you identify this specific block in your workflow and messages.

When you are finished creating your block, click  Save in the upper right corner.

Once you've added your Greeting block, you'll need to configure the rest of your script blocks and their respective sections. For more information, check out these articles:
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