Using and Creating Nested Logic Options

Logic Options can be used throughout a script to provide the operators with different call options depending on the caller’s response or request. Nested Logic Options allow agents to click on an option, then see a model for a deeper selection without having to page forward in your script, which helps save time while on the call.

In this article we'll discuss:

Use Cases for Nested Logic Options

Nested Options can be used in many different ways, but are especially helpful in cases where the agents may have several options to choose from instead of just 1 or 2. For example, a standard Logic Option may just have 2 options, like screening callers to see if they're a new or existing customer, whereas a Nested Logic Option would be used for options that require a subsequent selection. For example, calling for a Specific Person would then prompt the agent to select the person the caller is looking to speak with. Here are some other ways to utilize Nested Logic Options:

  • Specific Person or Department
  • Property Lists for Real Estate or Property Managers
  • Urgent Issues for an HVAC company 
  • Accepted insurances for a medical provider

Script Blocks Where Nested Logic Options Can be Used

Nested Logic Options can be added to the following script blocks; Greeting, Greeting (Lookup) and Logic. For more information on script blocks and their functions, check out this article.

How to Create Nested Options

In our example we will be using the Nested Logic Option in our initial Greeting block for callers looking to speak with a Specific Person. 

Under the  Logic tab of your respective script block, click  Add to begin adding your Logic Options. In our example we'll be adding  Calling for a Specific Person and  All Other Calls as our 2 main choices.

After adding your initial Logic Options, it's time to add the Nested Options. Hover your mouse over the Option you wish to Nest under and click the black Add Row icon next to the trash can icon as shown below. In our case, we will be adding Nested options under Calling for a Specific Person.

You can also choose to add your options in bulk using the Add bulk option as shown below. 

If there's no comma or 1 comma, OR if the top option has two commas and options below have no comma or 1 comma, you can create your main and nested all together. For example, this list with 1 comma after each option:

Shows up like this:

This list with 1 comma after each word on the top line:

Shows up like this:

This list with all options together and the appropriate comma placement:

Shows up like this:

Depending on how many Nested Options you want to include, keep clicking the Add Row icon and filling in the text boxes that appear. In our example, we'll include 3 Nested Options.

After filling out your Nested Options, finish creating your respective script block by adding more Logic Options if applicable, then click  Save.

Once your script blocks are completed, open up your Script Workflow to match each option with it's respective section. In our example, we'll have all 3 Nested Options go to the same Section. However, you can configure yours based on your specific needs.

Once you are finished making updates, Preview your script to see how your Nested Options look from our operator's point of view. 

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