Setting up a Disconnect Option with an Advanced IVR

For clients who want to provide information to their callers without having to transfer to an SAS agent, a Disconnect option can be added within an advanced IVR. Disconnect blocks will play a recording of your choosing and then disconnect the call. Disconnect blocks are most often used to relay a business's location, hours of operation, or answers to frequently ask questions. 

In this article we'll discuss:

Creating a Disconnect Block

Within SAS Flex, go to the Builder icon on the left navigation panel. Then select  IVR Blocks.

From the Builder drop down, drag and drop the  Disconnect block to the center of your screen.

Under the  Greeting tab, navigate to the Main greeting section. Here you can choose to use one of two options:
  • Recording: This option will allow you to select your own recording file from the drop down.
  • Text to speech: This option will allow you to type in your own message which our system will read to your callers
You must upload your greeting(s) to the Greeting Library before you can use them in your IVR.

Under the  Options tab, choose an Outcome which will help you easily identify these types of calls within your IVR log.

Under the Field tab, you'll need to name your block. We named ours  FAQ Recording.

When you are finished, click  Save.

Adding a Disconnect Block to an IVR Workflow

Once your Disconnect block has been created, it's time to add it to your IVR workflow. 

Within SAS Flex, go to the  Builder icon on the left navigation panel. Then select  IVRs.

If you already have an IVR created, go ahead and select it. If not, you'll want to follow the instructions in this article.

On the next page, you should see your IVR workflow. In our example, we want to have callers press 3 to hear a recording of our hours of operation and location. So, we'll need to update our Greeting block to include an option for that. To update your Greeting block, click on the hyperlinked  Greeting field as shown below.

In the Greeting block, go to the  Logic tab and click  Add to add another option. Then select the number you'd like callers to press for the recording, and name the option accordingly. When you are finished, click  Save.

Back on the IVR Workflow page, you should see your newly added option within your Greeting block. Now we'll need to connect that option to your Disconnect block.

On the left-hand side of your screen, locate your Disconnect block under the  Unassigned Blocks section. Then drag it out to your workflow. 

Next, connect the Disconnect block to the Greeting block by clicking the empty circle in the Greeting block and dragging it to the empty circle in the Disconnect block as shown below.

When you are finished, click Save.
Congratulations! You've just built an advanced IVR. Now you'll need to assign your SAS numbers to the IVR and Script accordingly, or you can contact support for help!
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