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If your office ever closes, if you want calls handled differently when you're at lunch, or if you ever take a day off, you'll want to set your business hours. This article will tell you all about business hours and how they're used in Flex.

In this article, we'll let you know:

What are business hours

In SAS Flex, business hours tell our system and our live receptionists when your business is open, and when it's not. Once you've created a Business Hours set, it can be associated with different parts of Flex to:

  • Display your hours of operation to our Receptionists while they're on a call via Google Maps
  • Determine which on-call staff members we contact
  • Control where an operator gets directed in a script flow
  • Control which IVR flow options a caller is presented with
  • Show a different greeting to our Receptionists
  • Read alternate text or play a different audio file in an IVR flow

How to add or edit a Business Hours Set


Within SAS Flex, go to your User icon in the upper right-hand corner and click Settings.


Then, on the left-hand side under Manage, select Business Hours.


If you have no business hours, click the Add Business Hours button as shown below. If you already have a business hour set, the Add button will be on the top of the business hours table.


Next, you’ll be taken to a new page where you'll need to complete Name and Time zone.

If you have multiple scripts set up, you may want to create matching Business Hours to go along with them. For example, if you have a Customer Support script and a Sales script with differing hours, naming each Business Hours set after the script it’s connected to would be a good way to help tell them apart.

Below the Name and Time zone fields, you’ll see toggles for each day of the week. Simply toggle on/off the days you are open and closed. Once you activate a certain day, the dropdown fields to the right will become accessible. In those dropdowns, set your From and To hours accordingly.

If your business offers service 24/7, you can check the Offers 24 hour service box beneath the Holidays drop down. If checked, agents will see a red 24 HOUR alert when viewing your company's business hours during the time in which your business is marked as closed. 

If your business offers service by appointment only, you can check the By appointment only box beneath the Holidays drop down. If checked, agents will see hours listed as By Appointment Only

If you are no longer using a particular Business Hours setting, you can disable or delete it by clicking on the 3-dot menu icon on the right-hand side of the Business Hours menu page. This is also where you can edit your Business Hours if needed.

How to set days and times you may be unavailable

You can also set time between your open hours where you may be unavailable, like if you take a lunch break, or dates you may be unavailable, like a holiday where your office is closed. Our operators will know if you're on lunch or it's a holiday, and if you are using business hours to control logic, our system will treat any of these times as after hours.

Setting your lunch or closed between hours

We understand you get hungry and want to be left alone. If you want calls that are received during these times to be treated differently, you'll want to set your closed between times.

Just select the applicable Closed Between toggle on the day(s) in which you want to amend your business hours.

Adding holidays

Everyone needs a break! If we're handling calls differently during holidays, create a holiday list and associate this list with your business hours.

Click the Add Holiday dropdown, shown below. If you don't see any Holidays here, check out our article on how to add Holidays.

How to apply a Business Hours set

Once you have a Business Hours set created, you can apply it to your script(s), Front End IVR(s) and the Google Maps app.

Applying a Business Hours set to a script

Within your Script Workflow, click the Options link in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Once the list expands, choose Business Hours.

Select your Business Hours set from the drop down. Then click Done.
    Save your Script Workflow. 

Applying a Business Hours set to a Front End IVR

Within your IVR Workflow,  click the  Options link in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Once the list expands, choose  Business Hours. Then choose your Business Hours set and click Done.

Save your IVR workflow.

Applying a Business Hours set to Google Maps

Click the Integrations tab on the left-hand navigation panel.

Choose Google Maps from the available apps. 


    Select your configuration.

Under the Business Hours tab, choose your Business Hours set from the drop down.

When you are finished, click Save.
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