Learn About SAS Flex Premium Features

SAS Flex is overflowing with various tools and features that are designed to create the most seamless answering service experience for you and your business. While most of the features we offer are included with service at no extra cost, SAS also offers 4 premium features that can be added onto an account for an additional monthly fee. Below is a breakdown of each premium add-on.

In order for any of these features to be added, the account must be on our Flex Billing platform. 
  • Premium On-Call Add-On: This feature gives users access to more on-call options, enhanced on-call reporting, and the ability to create back-up schedules if the first employees fail to acknowledge receipt of the notification. 
  • Transcription Add-On: This feature gives users the ability to read a transcript of their recorded calls instead of listening. In order to utilize this feature, call recordings must be turned on within an account. Pricing for this feature will change depending on the plan you are on.
  • Live Calls Add-On: This feature gives users the ability to view how many calls are currently waiting in queue and how many are currently being handled. Users are also able to listen to those calls in real time, see the service level over the last 24 hours, and run historic service level reports. 
  • Queue Voicemail Add-On: This feature gives users the ability to alter the Press 1 Callback feature to include a prompt for callers to press 9 to leave a voicemail. Voicemails will be visible within the call log and can be emailed to up to 5 email addresses. 
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