How to Build an SAS Flex Script Workflow

Just like an actor would read a script for a movie, answering service operators need to follow a script to handle your calls and assist your customers accordingly. Scripts help guide the operators to collect important information like the caller’s name, number, email, and message, although they can be customized depending on your business’s specific needs. Creating an easy-to-follow script is key in setting up your operators for successful interactions with your customers. Let's get started!

In this article we'll discuss:

How to view, edit or add a new script

If you haven’t already done so, please check out our tutorials on creating script blocks and creating script sections. You will need to do this first before building your script.
Within SAS Flex, go to the  Builder icon on the left side of your screen and select Scripts

On this page you'll be able to view any scripts that have already been created, or you can add a new one. To add a new one, click Add new script in the upper right-hand corner.

Upon clicking Add, you'll be prompted to choose one of the following. In this tutorial, we'll be choosing Start from scratch.

  • Build it for me: Use the Script Wizard to help craft a script within minutes.
  • Start from scratch: This option will allow you to start building your script from scratch. You'll need to create your own script blocks and script sections.
  • Use template: Choose from one of several different script templates from Basic Message Taking to Appointment Scheduling. 

In the pop-up that appears on your page, you will need to name your script. This can just be the name of your company or the particular campaign you’re running.

Click  Save.

Building a Script with 1 Section

For scripts with 1 path or section, you can use a Greeting (Compound) block and combine all script blocks within the Greeting section. If you're using a standard Greeting block with logic options, you will need at least 2 sections - a Greeting section and a section for all subsequent questions. For instructions on how to build a script with more than 1 path, see the next section below. 
You will see your script listed on the main Scripts page. To open the workflow, either click the script name on the left, or click the 3-dot menu icon on the right side and select Workflow.

Now it’s time to build your script! In the upper left-hand corner, click the + sign to Add Sections. Then locate the section you’ve already configured. In this example, we’ll be using 1 section: Greeting - All Calls 

Drag over your Greeting - All Calls section to the designated box.

Once you are done, click  Save in the upper right-hand corner.

How to build a script with 2 or more sections

The steps to building your script with 2 or more call paths are pretty simple! We’ll start by clicking the 3-dot menu icon on the right-hand side and selecting Workflow.

Under the Custom Sections tab, you will see the sections you’ve already configured. In our example, we’ll have 3: Greeting, All Other Calls, and Calling to Schedule.

First drag over your Greeting section to the designated box.

Next drag over your other sections and place them anywhere within the grid.

Now, we will need to connect your Greeting section to both your Calling to Schedule and All Other Calls sections so that we can complete the flow.
At the bottom of your Greeting section, you will see two options: Calling to Schedule and All Other Calls. Simply click on the appropriate circle in the bottom right hand corner of your Greeting section, and drag it over to the circle in the top left-hand corner of your corresponding section so that a gray line appears. So, Calling to Schedule should match up with Calling to Schedule and All Other Calls should match up with All Other Calls.

Once completed, the gray lines will change color, indicating a successful connection.

Once you are done, click Save in the upper right-hand corner. 
To view or edit an existing script, simply click directly on the script name, or click the 3-dot menu icon next to the script you wish to pull up, and select  Workflow.

If you want to make any changes to your script, check out this tutorial for instructions. To preview your script, check out this tutorial.
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