Tips for getting the most out of your free trial

We're excited to have you test our service! Over the next 14 days, we want your experience with SAS to go off without a hitch, and there are a few things you can do to ensure that your calls are being answered flawlessly! Here are some helpful hints on how to get the most out of your free trial.

Place test calls!

We can’t stress this enough. If your call volume is low and you don’t receive many calls over the course of your trial, then you won’t have the opportunity to find out whether the service is a good fit for your business. So, call us yourself, but don't tell the operator that you're placing a test call. You want to find out how they perform when a customer is on the line. Then, listen for the following things:

Was your business name pronounced correctly?

  • When listening to call recordings, if the operator is not stating your business name in the live greeting, then it is most likely being stated in the custom recorded greeting that callers hear as soon as they dial your number. If you do not want your business name stated in the upfront greeting, we can add phonetic spelling or a whisper greeting to make it easy for operators to properly communicate your name.

Were the operators knowledgeable about your business?

  • If it doesn't seem like our operators know enough about your business, we can teach them. You can add FAQs to your account by following the instructions in this tutorial.

Did the operators ask the right questions according to your script?

  • Many times, even if the operator asks the appropriate question, if the caller isn't clear in what they need, the operators can get stuck. We can work on adding new paths to your script to address almost any query your callers may have.

Evaluate message content!

If you are receiving phone calls, then in most cases you should be receiving messages. When you log in to your Secure Web Portal to check your messages, look for the following things:

Did you receive your messages?

  • Check your Profiles to ensure that the correct mobile numbers and email addresses are listed. If you are not the primary account holder, you may not have access to certain areas of the portal. Please contact the account holder who can adjust your account permissions.

Did the messages contain the information you need?

  • During programming, we can adjust the script to ask the callers for any information you aren't receiving that you think would be beneficial. If you are receiving text messages and we're asking callers for information beyond the basics, such as name, number and regarding, then you may need to customize your messages.

Note: Medical accounts will not receive patient information via text or email due to HIPAA regulations.

Are we following instructions?

If part of your script involves our operators transferring calls directly through to you or contacting your on-call personnel for urgent matters, then we want to be certain we’re hitting the mark. When a call is transferred to you, ask yourself these questions:

Are we dispatching your on-call team under the appropriate circumstances?

  • Tell us more about what constitutes and emergency so that our operators cover all the bases.

Did the operator provide you with enough information for you to understand and address the caller’s issue or request?

  • If you need additional information pre-transfer other than name and reason for call, please let us know so that our operators can inform you as they transfer the call.

What about appointment scheduling?

When it comes to appointment scheduling, you want to be sure you have the information you need to conduct business. It's also a good idea to check the average length of an appointment call to see if you need to rework your script and avoid plan overages. If you are using Google Calendar, you can control appointment settings by configuring the Google Calendar app.

When reviewing your appointments, ask yourself these questions:

Are the right appointments being scheduled for the right employee?
Are the dates and times correct?
Did the operator include the correct contact information?
Are you receiving notifications in a timely manner?

The more feedback we receive about your experience with the service, the better we can tweak it to perfection! Contact our Customer Service team with any comments, questions, or updates that can help us make your free trial a success.

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