Getting Started with IVR Blocks

SAS Flex gives its customers the ability to create a completely custom IVR, or auto attendant, based on their business's specific needs. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the types of blocks that can be used to build an advanced IVR.

To access the IVR blocks menu, click the Builder icon from the left-side navigation panel. Then select IVR Blocks.

You'll see 8 IVR block types.

  1. Date/Time Routing
  2. Disconnect
  3. Employee Extension
  4. Greeting
  5. New Option
  6. Transfer to Number
  7. Transfer to SAS
  8. Voicemail

Date/Time Routing

Use this block to automatically change your IVR during certain hours or dates. For example, a medical practice may want a standard message to play during business hours but may want a different message with emergency information to play after hours. Routing can either follow your set business hours, or you can set specific dates within the block itself. 

To select a specific Business Hours set, click the Options link on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, then select Business Hours and choose the Business Hours set you want the Date/Time block to use.



Use this block to customize how a line disconnects after a user presses a certain option. For example, your main IVR may prompt callers to press 3 for business hours and location. Add a recorded greeting to the Disconnect block that will relay the requested information before ending the call. 

You can also decide how you want these calls to be classified in your IVR Log by selecting an Outcome


Employee Extension

Use this block to set up your Employee Extension. Note that the Greeting block already includes an Employee option. Connect your Greeting block to Employee Extension blocks for Employee transfers. 



Use this block to create your initial IVR greeting. This will be the first prompt your callers hear when reaching your line. The Greeting block can be used to connect to any of the other IVR blocks. For example, "Thank you for calling ABC Plumbing. For urgent matters, please press 1 (Transfer to Number). For information on our business hours, location and pricing, press 2 (Disconnect). For all other calls, please press 3 (Transfer to SAS)." 


New Option

Use this block to add subsequent options within your IVR. For example, you may want a caller to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish, and then have additional options listed in each respective language. 


Transfer to Number

Use this block to transfer callers to an outside number independent of SAS. For example, having callers press 3 for Billing Issues can lead to a direct transfer to your own billing team. 


Transfer to SAS

Use this block to transfer calls to one of your other SAS numbers. For example, if you have multiple accounts with SAS for various departments in your company, such as Customer Support or Sales, this block will lead to an internal transfer to another SAS number. 



Use this block to allow callers to leave a voicemail on your SAS number. You can choose to have a recording of the voicemail sent to your OnCall staff, or sent to any Profiles you have already set up. All voicemails will be stored in your Voicemail Log for ninety (90) days. 

NOTE: For medical accounts that need to maintain HIPAA compliance, Voicemail will not be an option.
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