How to Review Your Script Workflow at a Glance

Whether you're making changes to your script or reviewing changes our support team made for you, knowing how to navigate the script builder is important. Below we'll go over the basics of understanding our script workflow builder!

In this article we'll discuss:

Understanding the Main Scripts Page

Within SAS Flex, go to the  Builder icon on the left side of your screen and select  Scripts

On the main Scripts page, you'll see 4 tabs; 
  • Scripts: This tab will display all current scripts. We will continue breaking down this tab within the rest of this section below.
  • Section library: This tab will display all script sections that have already been created. You can also create new script sections from this tab.
  • Block library: This tab will display all script blocks that have already been created. You can also create new script blocks from this tab.
  • Archived Scripts: This tab will display all scripts that have been previously backed up. You can restore archived scripts at any time.

Within the Scripts tab, all current scripts will be displayed including the status of the script, the number(s) currently assigned, and both the dates in which the script was created and when it was last modified

Along the top banner, you can use the Show inactive only toggle to filter scripts based on status, Import a script, or Add a new script

On the right-hand side of your screen, each script will show a 3-dot menu icon with additional settings; 
  • Rename: This option will allow you to rename the script. 
  • Numbers: This option will allow you to view and assign numbers to the script
  • Workflow: This option will bring you to the script builder workflow, which we will be breaking down further in the section below.
  • Preview: This option will allow you to preview your script as the agents see it. 
  • Copy: This option will make a copy of your script. In the event you want to make updates to your scripts, it's best to make a copy of it first. 
  • Backup: This option will allow you to archive your script. Archived scripts can be restored at any time.
  • Export: This option will allow you to export a script. Exported scripts will be saved as a JSON file and can be imported into any other account. 
  • Delete: This option will delete the script. Deleted scripts cannot be retrieved. 

Understanding the Call Script Builder

On the main Scripts page, select the script you would like to view.
From this page you'll see an overview of your script flow, starting from when the call begins to when it ends. Each colored box below indicates a script section. Within each section are script blocks

Use your mouse to zoom in or out. To move your screen side to side, click anywhere in the gray background grid and move your mouse accordingly. 

Along the top banner of the script workflow, you'll have several options. In the upper left-hand corner you can do the following (from left to right):
  • Exit the workflow to go back to the main Scripts page
  • Add new Sections
  • Search existing Blocks

In the middle of the banner, you'll see the status and name of your script. Clicking on the name will allow you to edit it. If you hover over the name, you'll see the date and time the script was last modified. To the right, you'll see an exclamation point within a black triangle.

If there are any errors in your script, you'll see a red number within the triangle indicating how many errors there are. Click the triangle to expand the error window to learn more.

In the upper right-hand corner, you can do the following (from left to right):

When you hover over a particular script section, a banner along the top of that section will appear. From this banner you can do the following (from left to right):
  • Change the color of the section
  • Copy the section
  • Trace the section to see where it leads
  • Preview the section as the agents see it
  • Edit the section
  • Remove the section

When you hover over a particular block within a section, you'll be given the option to edit the specific block without editing the entire section. 

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